Good morning everyone,

So yesterday I made some jam! It was my first time and I was a bit nervous I would mess it up. Spoiler Alert : I didn’t

I went back to the grove to get the under-ripe plums, every recipe online said that they would be best. I had no clue which ones were “good” or not so I just picked the ones that looked the nicest. Like no bruises or bumps. I had to grab a couple more apples whilst I was here too because well, why not? On the way home I grabbed a handful of blackberries to add to the jam too.

First thing I did was wash the fruit. No bugs or mud! I had no idea where to start with making the jam, I read multiple recipes online but they were all kind of vague. I decided to just get stuck in. I filled a little saucepan a third of the way with cold water and put it to the side. I decided to leave the plum peel on and just cut them into quarters, removing the stones along the way. I put them into the water to keep from going brown and then cut half of an apple into little squares and threw that in too. Not forgetting my handful of blackberries, they got thrown into the water too.


Next I poured in some granulated sugar, I put in enough to cover the fruit, then whacked the heat on high, put a lid on and left it to steam for 10 minutes. When I came back it looked too wet, so I poured a little of the water out and added more sugar. 

I then turned the heat full blast and began stirring it. I got worried because it didn’t seem thick enough so I just added even more sugar. It started to smell like a burning caramel apple so I turned the heat off and let it cool. I noticed that the sides of the pan were sticky red where the mix was clinging so I thought it was time to just stick it in a jar and see if it would set.

Well after a couple of hours, it was really thick and sticky and smelt luush! I tested it by having a jam sandwich, my first ever plum jam and I enjoyed it immensely.


This is the Jam when I looked at it this morning, I led it on its side and it stuck to the jar. It’s very sticky, I think I used too much sugar but it’s still really tasty so never mind. Lesson learned for next time!

I want to try and make an chutney with the leftover apples I have, what do you guys think?


Thanks for listening – D