Apple & Blackberry Crumble

So first things first, I don’t use scales and I never weigh any of my ingredients.

I just find I cook better by using sight and feel of the raw ingredients.

What I used :

  • Plain Flour
  • White Granulated Sugar
  • 6 Ambrosia Apples
  • Cinnamon
  • Raspberry & Apple Tea bags (not actual tea)
  • Margarine – I had no butter in the fridge, butter is better ass the Marge makes it too fluffy. Still tasty just not as much crunch.

I found the apple tree about 9am. I was walking Lillie and Poppy and tripped over something on the ground. It was a lush green and red apple, I’d never seen one that was both colours at once.


I picked it up and it looked okay, no maggot holes haha! I did the stupid thing and just bit it before googling it and got lucky. It was the sweetest apple I’ve ever tasted.

I saw a few more on the ground and put them in my pocket to take home for N and my dad but he wouldn’t try one. I googled it and let him know they were safe and he had the bright idea of making a pie! Then a crumble and then both, honestly he was bit excited by this time so I picked up my trusty bag for life and went out to get a few more.

I brought about 13 apples home, unlucky for some but not for me and immediately stuck them in the sink with some cold water. A bit of dirt don’t hurt but it doesn’t taste nice!

I filled a big saucepan a third of the way with water. Then began peeling and dicing the apples. I went slowly to give the water a chance to heat up.

In the water I used two raspberry and apple tea bags for extra flavour and colour along with three tablespoons of sugar and a big sprinkle of ground cinnamon. I was peeling and dicing for about 10 minutes and by that time, the apples were going mushy, so I drained out almost all of the water, removed the bags, turned the heat down. I then added a large handful of blackberries I picked the day before into the mixture. 

I preheated the oven on 180 Celsius.

To make my crumble I used about a fifth of a tub of the new flora that is made from seeds. (It was all we had unfortunately) and then filled the bottom of a big bowl up with flour. Not a mound of flour just a covering. I then used my fingers to squish the butter and flour together, slowly adding more flour ’till it felt nice in my hands. I rolled it into a ball shape and then added two tablespoons of sugar and mixed that in with my hands too. I squished until I couldn’t feel the grains anymore and then I sprinkled the top with cinnamon and mixed it in.

I then turned off the heat on the filling and spooned it into my baking dish. It was thick and smelt so yummy! With the pastry mixture I just rolled it out between my hands onto the mixture, if the crumbs were to big I just pinched them and placed them around until the whole thing was covered. I sprinkled more sugar and cinnamon on top of the crumble before putting it in the oven. 

After 30 minutes my crumble was brown and didn’t break when I poked it. It also smelt heavenly. I took it out of the oven and covered it (flies. ugh) to cool a bit before serving it up.


N and I had a spoonful each with some shop bought Vanilla Custard that was warmed in the microwave.

He wouldn’t stop telling me how tasty it was and couldn’t believe I just went and picked the fruit up off the ground. That was when he suggested I start a blog to let people know what they can go out and do.

I’m a city girl who recently moved to a village on the outskirts of town and I adore the woods behind our house!

As long as you leave enough fruit on the branches for wildlife and other people foraging is okay and it’s free.

Thanks for listening – D x



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